Understanding life – Where it all begins

The day i entered the new shift of my life, was just a moderate one with many changes in it. The results of 12th grade were out and i had got just the passing marks in those exams. As the competition for admission in engineering colleges is getting tougher year by year, there was no chance i can get an admission to any of the prestigious colleges of India. I was not so sad as i had not studied for those papers and was expecting this result. So the decision by my parents was to repeat the same class to get an admission to a better place.

I was sent to a different city for studying. I had no hope in mind that i can improve my percentage in the next year. The push from parents was the only thing. So, the classes and the rented room were the only place i can be seen. As i was stranger to a new city, i was fortunate to spend huge amount of time with myself which was the base for the huge change that was about to happen with me, although many big failures had also contributed to this positive change.

I was living in a rented room with a man who had a job in a company. As, i belong to a family where all my necessities and luxuries were fulfilled so there was no chance i had seen how hard in real world to earn that much. That person was getting about Rs 7000/ month in which expenses of our rents and maid were about Rs 6000/month. The day when i was told about it really changed somethings. The realization of price of branded junk food, i was eating from the fathers hard earned money was paving the way for a change and the small things coming on the way changed my perspective of life.The fire to just stand on my own legs was started.

The realization was that today, i may not earn that much in a year what my father was earning in a month. That changed my perspective of spending on my necessities and dumping the luxuries till i am on other’s hard earned money. We can be happy (as my room mate was) with all the difficulties and just giving an extra inch of effort to what we do, although output may not reflect that but the satisfaction from inside gears you up for the next obstacle.

I believe mothers have a sixth sense about their child. As i was still getting about 30% marks in the regular tests in that year, many negative thoughts were surrounding me every moment as there was nothing else i can do except studying. I discussed about everything with my parents everyday as i had a lot of alone time in those days. The motivation given by my parents was immense although output in the tests was near to nothing. Sharing everything with your closed ones gives you courage and support to deal with any difficulty in life. The real meaning of love was understood at that time. Infinite love given by a human(parents) to their child with no hope of getting the same back was truly an eye opener. Till now, i know i can’t replicate that love but always devote my every bit of time to them when at home.



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